Waldorf, MD – On April 12 at approximately 10 a.m., a school resource officer assigned to Thomas Stone High School was advised of an altercation between two students inside a classroom. When the officer entered the room, he observed a male student being restrained by a teacher and several students, while another male student was being held back by a different group of students.

The male who was being restrained by the teacher broke free and began running in an aggressive manner toward the person with whom he was fighting and the officer who was nearby. He ignored the officer’s verbal commands to stop at which time the officer deployed his agency-issued Taser and safely apprehended him.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was called to the school to examine both students. The student who was being restrained was arrested and charged with affray, disruption of school activities and failure to comply with a lawful order. The other student who was involved in the altercation will be charged with affray and disruption of school activities. Both students are 15-years-old.