PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. –  On October 10, 2022, at approximately 4:23 p.m., police, fire and rescue personnel responded to a motor vehicle accident in the area of Route 4 (800 block of Solomons Island Road) and Chick-fil-A in Prince Frederick. 

Crews arrived on scene to find a Ford box truck and a Calvert County Sheriff’s Deputy’s patrol vehicle involved in the collision. 

A total of three patients including the deputy were transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Three Injured Including A CCSO Deputy After Crash In Prince Frederick

The cause of the crash remains under investigation. 

We will continue to provide updates as they become available. 

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  1. I am sure it will be the box trucks fault It is never CC Sheriffs Dept fault. Even when they’re going 100 mph in a 30 mph zone over a blind hill killing an eighteen year old girl

  2. Cops in Calvert speed up and down the road with no regard for anyones safety yet they are quick to give tickets to everyone else. Sure he was speeding.

  3. If the idiots on the roads in Calvert, St Mary’s and the entire Southern area would learn how to drive within the law the sheriffs would not have to chase the offenders down! No one knows except the Sheriffs Dept who was in the wrong. The driver of the box truck has very limited vision. I know because I used to drive a “box “ truck for the U S Postal Service and unless you have gone to a safe driveing school for that type of vehicle you don’t know about the blind spots.

    1. I’ve had cops wait outside of my doctors office, follow me out, pull me over, make me sit on my hands fir an hour & 30 mins while they tore my car apart, without probable cause or permission… I’ve only had 1 speeding ticket, many years prior to this, NEVER even got in trouble for pot or anything like driving citation was issued, no warning was given, nothing else was even said to me, just got in the police car & left… yeah, it’s definitely not the cops. Not to mention there’s a officer who lives 5 miles from me who let’s every woman who shows their tits off w/o a ticket…

  4. You can say that again .they have _ _ _ _ED, there share Of motorcyclist as well only county in The state that will chase a Motorcyclist through rush-hour traffic no thought for the public safety!!!! Hopefully with Evan’s gone it might get better

    1. The box truck didn’t yield THATS what caused the collision. Y’all pointing fingers at the officers cause y’all got pulled over by them a few times needa fr grow tf up.

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