Leonardtown, MD – The National Weather Service’s Baltimore/Washington Weather Forecast Office has confirmed a tornado touched down along the St. Mary’s County shoreline, just south of Beauvue, back on Tuesday February 24, 2016.

A National Weather Service ground survey, along with radar analysis, concluded the Tappahannock Virginia tornado…which created a 30 mile path of damage across the middle peninsula and Northern Neck of Virginia…crossed the Potomac and traveled one mile into St. Mary’s County before dissipating. The Tornado which impacted St. Mary’s was small. Most of its 6.5 mile path in the county was over the Potomac River. However, once it moved ashore…it produced damage along a 1.1 mile path that was oriented southwest to northeast across Hampton Road. The National Weather Service has classified this Tornado as an EF-0 with peak winds estimated at 65 MPH.

The tornados path was approximately 75 yards. Two large trees were uprooted on private property in the 20500 block of Hampton Road. Two cedar trees sheared in half along Hampton Road…and a tree down in the 20700 block of Hampton Road.

Areas further north, just east of Leonardtown, were also inspected…but no additional tornadic damage was found.

  • Location…Beauvue in St. Mary’s County Maryland
  • Date…February 24, 2016
  • Estimated Time…7:05 to 7:14 PM EST
  • Maximum EF-Scale Rating…EF0
  • Estimated Maximum Wind Speed…65 MPH
  • Maximum Path Width…75 yards
  • Path Length…6.5 Miles