Washington, DC — The TSA is reminding travelers to be very careful about what they pack in their carry-on luggage. The wrong item could lead to losing your TSA Pre membership or even being arrested.

In a blog post, a writer for the agency listed some of the more unusual finds for the week including a boxcutter in a bra, grenade replicas, a shell from the Civil War, meat cleaver, brass knuckles, and even a throwing star.

While sharp objects like knives and throwing stars can be packed in checked luggage, they are not permitted in carry-on bags. T Remember, any attempt to conceal these items is a crime.

You cannot pack a firearm in your carry-on luggage. You can usually bring them in checked luggage if you follow special instructions. Just bringing a firearm to a checkpoint can lead to a $13,333 fine or arrest.

Before you pack, check out the TSA’s What Can I Bring Guide at this link:


This guide covers everything from ammunition to yogurt (less than 3.4 ounces allowed). 

A quick check could save you a lot of trouble.