James Thomas Abell, Jr. and Christopher Glenn James

Detective D. Savoy of the CCSO Criminal Investigations Division has charged two men in connection with at least four thefts and fraudulent use of ATM cards. In April, two cars parked in the parking lot of the Hiker/Biker Trail at Livingston Road were broken into and unknown suspects stole items including an ATM card. Later that day, two cars parked at the St. Ignatius Church on Chapel Point Road were broken into while the victims were attending church services. In those cases, witnesses recalled seeing a small white pick-up truck.

Several weeks later, PFC J. Hatfield initiated an unrelated traffic stop of a white pick-up truck and noted similarities between the vehicle’s occupants and the description of the suspects in the thefts. Det. Savoy followed up on Officer Hatfield’s leads and subsequently linked the suspects to the thefts.

The suspects used the stolen ATM cards to withdraw cash and to purchase gas and other items totaling $1300.

James Thomas Abell, Jr., 28, of Nanjemoy and Christopher Glenn James, 25, of La Plata, were charged with theft and destruction of property.