Calvert County Public Schools’ Assistant Superintendent of Administration Anthony Navarro told The Bay Net late this afternoon that the Dowell Elementary School chiller has been repaired and school officials anticipate a nice, cool day at the school for students and staff Friday.


DOWELL, MD – Officials with Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) reported it was a brief power outage in the southern part of the county that caused the air conditioning system at Dowell Elementary School (DES) to go down Thursday morning, May 28.

“When the power came back on the chiller didn’t come back on,” said CCPS Assistant Superintendent of Administration Anthony Navarro.

Measures have been taken to keep conditions for students and staff tolerable. Navarro said fans are being used and students have been moved out of the warmer classrooms into cooler areas of the building.

The school system’s Department of Maintenance has personnel at DES and technicians are on their way. Navarro said school officials are hopeful the DES chiller will be in operation tomorrow.

DOWELL, MD – Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) confirms that the air-conditioning system at Dowell Elementary School (DES) is currently not operating. A spokeswoman at CCPS’ Central Office confirmed that the system was rendered inoperable due to an electrical issue. Members of the CCPS’ Maintenance Department are currently at DES repairing the system.

Meanwhile, the issue of having no operating air-conditioning is being addressed at the school. The CCPS spokeswoman stated that children have been relocated to the lower area of the school where conditions are cooler.