Solomons, MD – Solomons shook off the rain and welcomed the sun….and thousands flocked to the island Friday, April 17. The revelers celebrated the 35th opening of the Tiki Bar. There was live music, food and the quintessential Mardi Gras atmosphere.

The Bay Net brings the breath-taking excitement and unbridled joy of opening day from two perspectives. 

St. Mary’s County Commissioner John O’Connor provided TheBayNet with aerial photos of Solomons as the Tiki Bar weekend commenced.  

Commissioner O’Connor’s photos were taken around 5 pm Friday, April 17.

Where’s Waldo!

Meanwhile, on the ground, “Super Lens,” The Bay Net photojournalist Ron Bailey was our man on the island. Check out The Bay Net’s Tiki Bar Gallery to see if you got “caught in The Net.”

The afternoon was highlighted by the 4 p.m. arrival by boat of the Tiki King and an enthusiastic performance by local singer Sara Gray.

Local police told The Bay Net that the crowd, which began arriving well before the high noon opening, was remarkably well-behaved. However, as one Maryland State trooper observed around 6 p.m., “the night is young.”

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