LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — Following pressure from TheBayNet, public officials, and local community members, NAS Patuxent River announced that they will be reopening additional traffic lanes to help ease morning traffic at the base’s entrance.

Starting on September 19th, NAS Patuxent River will reopen additional inbound lanes to vehicle traffic at Gates 1 and 2.

Gate 3 will be open for inbound and outbound traffic from 6-9 a.m.

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We will continue to provide additional details on traffic patterns and any other potential changes as we receive them.

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      1. And as a taxpayer funding those people getting into base, it doesn’t upset you they are charging to a contract or funding line when they are sitting in traffic for half an hour to an hour doing nothing at all?

    1. Impatient? It’s about moving traffic to prevent accidents, allow emergency vehicles room to transit, easing congestion. How many man hours are spent waiting to get on base??? It’s money wasted.

  1. Stop crying PAX! I have been to dozens of bases and traffic is bad at most of them in the morning. The issue is the rude entitled people that block the intersection because they think that their job on the base is more important than you getting to your job. PPP! Infrastructure needs to be improved and lets stop with all the gas stations and dealerships.

  2. It just means that extra Sailors are filling in the manpower gaps for security. They didn’t join the Navy to be security guards, but are being forced to do the job because everyone complained too much. Rather than repair airplanes, they’re standing duty at the gate. The base still hasn’t found a solution to their manning issues.

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