Leonardtown, Md.–On August 14 at 10:30 a.m. the Honorable Judge Abrams sentenced Charles P. Balsbaugh, 29, of Great Mills to 18 months in St. Mary’s County Detention Center. He also received three years of supervised probation. Balsbaugh was ordered to pay the sum of $529.00 in restitution.  

David H. Chapman, Balsbaugh’s attorney spoke for his client about his conditions that trouble him. 

“He is off the methylone, this young man faces many difficulties, he is mentally ill and self medicates,” said Chapman.

Judge Abrams asked Balsbaugh if he would like to say anything about the things he did.

“I have a baby on the way, it has really changed me a lot,” said Balsbaugh.

 Balsbaugh faces four years of back up time, he will have to serve this time if he violates the law again. 

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Deputy Michael George arrested Charles Patrick Balsbaugh ( age 29 of Great Mills) for Hindering an Investigation and Assault on a Police Officer.

On February 12, Balsbaugh was identified as one of two drivers involved in a speed contest on Great Mills Road.

Balsbaugh, who at first failed to stop for Sheriff’s Deputies, returned to the scene, exited his vehicle and approached the deputies yelling profanities. Balsbaugh failed to follow instructions given by the deputies and was placed under arrest.

During the arrest, Balsbaugh assaulted both Deputy George and Deputy Logalbo.

This article previously stated that the defendant was 21-years-old, that error has been corrected to reflect his correct age of 29.