The Charles County Department of Public Works, Utilities Division, in conjunction with GHD, Inc., is conducting a water main gate valve inspection program titled, “Valve-Find, Inspect, Repair, & Exercise” (V-FIRE)  for the Waldorf Water Distribution System.  The goal of the V-FIRE program is to inspect, actuate, and verify that all valves are operational with a goal of increasing system reliability. Work will be conducted between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday by a dedicated field crew of at least two (2) team members. All team members will have county identification.

Daily work schedules will be posted on

If inspections are occurring in your area, you may experience momentary drop in water pressure and/or momentary disruption in water service.  You may also experience brown water.  Please refrain from washing laundry and using excess water during this time. If you do experience brown water please turn on the faucets in the house for several minutes until the water becomes clear. We recommend running the washing machine empty for one cycle before washing clothes.

In addition, many of the water main valves are located in the street or on the shoulder of the street.  Please be aware of and approach marked work area with caution for your safety and our field crew’s. Any disruption in traffic should be temporary.

If you have questions or experience a water outage for more than 10 minutes, you may contact Mr. Steve Strobel, Line Maintenance Superintendent, at 301-609-7400.

Be advised: the field crew has no reason or authorization to enter a private home.  Should anyone approach you and request access, they should be denied access and the contact provided above be notified immediately.

If there are any questions or comments related to the field crew’s conduct or procedures, contact Mr. David J. Kerr, GHD Project Manager, at 301-875-7351 or