Prince Frederick, MD – Pro football season is on its way and what can Washington Redskins’ fans expect in 2017? They’ve had two winning seasons in a row but missed the playoffs last year. Their defense was their Achilles heel last season. Here are a few observations as to why fans should both look forward to and dread the upcoming season.

The draft – The team did prioritize, selecting Alabama defensive tackle Jonathan Allen in the first round. Among their second through seventh picks were a linebacker and three defensive backs.
Terrelle Pryor – An outstanding wide receiver in the prime of his career, could prove to be a great free agent signing.
Schedule – The dreaded Carolina Panthers, defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons are not on the schedule. The ‘Skins will play a home game on Thanksgiving evening. That could be a real door-buster!!
Offensive line – It was much better last year and might be better this year.
The Cousins situation – He is being handsomely compensated this season and even if he plans to go somewhere else in 2018 he still has to play extremely well this year to get the kind of money he’s demanding.

Departures – Pierre Garcon and Mr. Hot Dog (OK, Desean Jackson) were very good. It’s sad to see them both go.
Schedule – Has quite a few primetime games. They haven’t always risen to the occasion in the bright lights’ glare. A week after Thanksgiving they go to Dallas to play the Cowboys. The Broncos are on the schedule, as are the pesky Vikings and the team that I believe did them in last year, the Cardinals.
Jordan Reed – He’s very talented, very key to the offense but very injury-prone—he’s what Strasburg is to the Nats and Beal is to the Wizards. Sadly, one more concussion could finish his career.
Injuries – They are going to happen and it has been a while since the team has had an injury-decimated season.
The Cousins situation – No matter how you feel about it, it’s still more drama than they had the last two seasons.

Not good but don’t worry about it
All the off-season crap with the front office. You can’t fire Dan Snyder. Besides his signature is on the paychecks of the people who bring us……HOPE AND DESPAIR!!
Go ahead. Try to enjoy the season!!

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