Selling your home during the holidays

Lexington Park, MD – When it comes to selling a house, sometimes it just comes down to finding the right buyer at the right time. However, if there ever was a way that you could increase the chances of finding that person, the holiday season may be your best bet. Although most people consider the real estate market cold like the weather this time of year, someone trying to sell their home may see “A Christmas Miracle” come to fruition.

Here are some of the best reasons to consider listing your home over this holiday season.

Less Competition

Something that is often overlooked by a homeowner who is considering selling their home over the next year is competition. Everyone knows that the spring/summer real estate market is a popular time to list, but what that also means is that the fall/winter is not a popular time to list. Less active inventory in the winter means that the sellers naturally will have more control of the market. It is as simple as supply and demand.

More Appealing

While trying to sell a waterfront home that has a frozen body of water behind it may not be the best idea, many buyers will find the picturesque views of the holiday weather extremely appealing. From snow covered trees to a nice fireplace, this time of year creates a friendly and warm feeling when people go to look at your home, not to mention how cute those festive decorations will look.

Selling your house during Christmas

Faster Closings

Less business happening over the holidays can mean good news for sides of the transaction. Less transaction volume means that loans and settlement documents will typically get processed in a more timely fashion. Tying up all of the loose ends of home financing quickly means that closings are often more likely kept on track or can in some cases be expedited. Getting to easily relieve some of the stress and headache that comes with sorting out financing is a weight off of any buyer or seller’s shoulders.

A New Year Means New Changes

Whether it is trying to lose 30 pounds by the summer or starting a new job, a new year means changes. Lots of companies take the start of a new year as an opportunity to shift jobs. With first quarter job changes being high, this can easily be correlated to raising first quarter home sales. Additionally, one of the most popular new year resolutions is seeking financial success. People often take the new year as an opportunity to explore finding a new home. Consistently, web traffic on homes for sale increases significantly at the start of the new year. All of these changes impact the real estate market and make selling a home over the winter a reasonable idea.

More Profitable

One common misconception about selling a home over the holiday season is that you will lose money from having to constantly drop the sale price of your home to garner attention. However, higher sales prices are typical near the very end of the year. Whether this effect is created strictly by supply and demand(with less inventory) or if buyers fear interest rates changes going into a new year, sellers generally have a better chance of selling at a higher price over the winter.

From lower inventory and less competition, to more motivated buyers being on the hunt, to ultimately being able to make more money; selling your home over the holiday season might be something to seriously consider.