Maryland International Raceway Hall of Fame member, Dick Estevez

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – “It brings me great sadness to announce that Maryland International Raceway Hall of Fame member, Dick Estevez, passed away in the early morning hours of Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 77 years old. Dick was a true legend in our sport, not only from his successful racing career but because of the caliber and character of the man that he was. A man’s true wealth in this world is not measured by his material worth, but by the love and respect of his family and friends. And in that, Dick was rich beyond measure.

Dick was one of the region’s most successful Super Stock racers in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. You could find him on many special event race days in his “Daddy Warbucks” 65 Ford Falcon… and who hasn’t enjoyed seeing him doing his signature long smokey burnouts! His love for the sport has been passed on to his children and grandchildren and there has never been a truer racing family than the Estevez clan, led by their patriarch, Dick, and his loving wife, Sandy. Speaking of his grandchildren, the love and pride he showed when talking about his grandchildren was amazing.
I have had the honor of having Dick as a close, personal friend the entire 30-plus years I have been at the helm of Maryland International Raceway. He and his family have been there from day-one to help make Maryland International Raceway into the facility and community it is today. Dick, and his two sons Pat and Ricky, have been involved in so many of the improvements that racers and fans enjoy today, including countless grandstand and sign structure projects, erecting all the steel for the current tower, building the stage, erecting the previous and current scoreboards, and many, many more.

Dick and I also had many exploits away from the track as well. He was my sidekick when I started traveling and running the “Pinks All Out” TV shows for Speed Channel and in true Dick fashion, he would jump in and help with the event. After the first couple of shows, Speed Channel added Dick to the payroll as a valued member of the team. I will also never forget our trip to Sturgis, South Dakota, several years ago, because we really had a great time there.

My last outing with Dick was just a few weeks ago, when the two of us went to visit with Pete, George and the crew at Speed Unlimited as they were closing, to thank them for their long term support of both the track and for their support of Dick and his family’s racing endeavors. While it was sad that the store is closing, we had a great visit and told lots of stories and shared a lot of laughs. I will miss my friend deeply as I know everyone that knew him will also. To the Estevez family, you are his legacy… carry it on proudly!

With Deep Sadness, Love and Respect,

All photos courtesy of the Maryland International Raceway.