This article is about a new small business named “Wood Signs by Hook”.  When we say small, we mean very small because it is a one man shop, with just one person that creates wood signs.  That individual is Dennis Hook and his story is like this.


Mr. Hook had worked many years at a job that had nothing to do with making signs and after he retired in October 2012, he knew he needed to keep busy and to also make some extra cash to help because of his retirement.  Mr. Hook was doing volunteer work before retirement ever since he was a teenager with the volunteer fire department and still does that work today.  But as a volunteer, there is no extra income.


He also does some freelance work in photography which has been a great help and allows him to get some extra cash.  But he was still looking for something else.  In August 2014, he decided to try making wood signs and selling them at local craft shows and on the internet.  It took him over two months to create enough signs before he was ready to open a website at to try to sell his signs.  So as with any business, it takes time and lot of word of mouth and marketing to get yourself known.  So as of this article in November 2014, things are just getting started for Mr. Hook.


Mr. Hook attended one local event on November 8th at Our Lady Help Catholic Church in Waldorf, MD and he said he believed he had a very successful day at that event.  He says, he will be planning more local events next year, but from what he has seen so far, most of those will be in the fall of 2015 and probably in November.  He is looking to find other event places where he can set up and sell his signs in the local areas between April and July.  The advantage to selling locally is there is no shipping cost, compared to buying from the online website.  This also allows the customers to see the sign compared to a picture on the website.


Mr. Hook says he has done everything he can to pass on the lowest pricing possible. He believes that his list pricing is very low compared to many other sign makers that he has seen on the website.  So even with the list price and shipping cost, you are getting a great sign at a very low price, possibly 50% lower than others.  Mr. Hook said that he wanted to create something that was well done, low cost to individuals, and something that they could enjoy and not cost them an arm and a leg.  He says the economy is hard on everyone these days and many have to give up on certain things, so he did not want to charge a lot and hope it gives some joy by purchasing.  


He said he could not do anything about the cost of shipping as that is controlled by whichever shipping method he used for whatever size sign and weight.  He says the cost at this time ranges from $6 to $15.  The sign sizes are from about 3″ x 7″ to 12″ x 24″.  These signs are made of pine or poplar wood.  They are finished off by sanding and applying a stain, but not just any stain.  He uses a stain called Briwax that also adds a quality stain color with a polish finish.  The sign will have different sayings and some will even have some type of other design.  The work is all created by Mr. Hook with the use of a router.  Some of the sayings are things you probably have seen in stores or heard somewhere and some are just made up by Mr. Hook.


Mr. Hook says that he could not offer free shipping, because if he did, there would be no profit on the sign because of the low cost he is already selling them at.  He still wants to try to help by keeping the cost down to his customers and to get them to be returning customers, so with all online purchases; he is giving a 20% off the listed price.  All you have to do is put in the discount code number 4665 during your purchase stage to get the lower cost.  If you decide that you do not want to take the discount and give a little more to Mr. Hook for his effort, and then just skip putting in the discount code number


Mr. Hook states that he will be trying to list future local event locations on his website and other ways so that those individuals in the area might be able to purchase directly and see the signs in person.  He does not offer the 20% off at any local event because there are no shipping charges and that was the reason for trying to help those who purchased online.  Mr. Hook says he is hoping that his online business will be the main way to sell his product as it is very easy to use and purchase from the website for his customers.


You need to visit his website at as well as get the word out to others for him.  These wood signs can make a great gift either for yourself or someone else and are very reasonable in cost.  These are great gifts at any time of the year.  Mr. Hook also does custom signs and has some samples on his website.