ANNAPOLIS, Md. — As the general election approaches in November, here is a quick breakdown of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s County Primary Election voter turnout in previous years, as well as turnout for the 2022 primary election.

Some key takeaways was that mail-in and early voting remained popular during the primary election. More people in Maryland voted early or by mail than on Primary Election Day.

Additionally, voting turnout in Southern Maryland appears elevated from previous election years. Whether this is the result of more options for casting a ballot than in previous years remains unclear.

Based on statewide data compiled by the Board of Elections in 2020, approximately 24.8% of registered voters participated in this year’s Primary Election. This number is likely lower based on current demographic and population changes since then.

See the full breakdown of early voting turnout this year and some historical voter turnout data from years past below:


Whole State of Maryland Statistics:

Early voting- 172,266

Election day votes- 477,357

Mail-in ballots- 342,654

Provisional- 30,29

Total Votes Cast in 2022- 1,022,573

Total Registered Voters(as of Oct. 2020)- 4,109,762 

Voter Breakdown by Party:

Democrat- 687,517

Republican- 301,958

Green- 396

Libertarian- 771

Working Class Party- 299

Other Parties- 1,932

Unaffiliated- 41,570

Calvert County

Registered Voters(as of Oct. 2020): 67,984

Early voting- 4,153

Election day votes- 9,942

Mail-in ballots- 5,861

Provisional- 424

Total Votes Cast In Calvert(2022): 20,380 Votes

Votes By party:

Democrat- 8,129


Green- 5

Libertarian- 38

Working Class Party- 8

Other Parties- 59

Unaffiliated- 1,454

Charles County

Registered Voters(as of Oct. 2020): 118,302

Early voting- 5,219

Election day votes- 13,013

Mail-in ballots- 7,810

Provisional- 722

Total Votes Cast In Charles(2022): 26,764 Votes

Votes By party:

Democrat- 19,819

Republican- 5,552

Green- 9

Libertarian- 26

Working Class Party- 11

Other Parties- 60

Unaffiliated- 1,523

St. Mary’s County

Registered Voters(as of Oct. 2020): 73,833

Early voting- 4,433

Election day votes- 10,663

Mail-in ballots- 4,929

Provisional- 389

Total Votes Cast In St. Mary’s(2022): 20,414 Votes

Votes By Party:

Democrat- 7,004

Republican- 12,321

Green- 4

Libertarian- 36

Working Class Party- 5

Other Parties- 260

Unaffiliated- 1,036


2014 Voting Statistics

Calvert County:

Early voting- 1,869

Election day votes- 9,685

Absentee- 313

Provisional- 205

Total Votes Cast In Calvert(2014): 12,072 Votes


Early voting- 3,775

Election day votes- 17,643

Absentee- 476

Provisional- 276

Total Votes Cast In Charles(2014): 22,170 Votes

St. Mary’s:

Early voting- 1,533

Election day votes- 9,248

Absentee- 384

Provisional- 94

Total Votes Cast In St. Mary’s(2014): 11,259 Votes

2018 Voting Statistics


Early voting- 2,900

Election day votes- 12,083

Absentee- 494

Provisional- 306

Total Votes Cast In Calvert(2018): 15,783 Votes


Early voting- 5,351

Election day votes- 17,860

Absentee- 401

Provisional- 580

Total Votes Cast In Charles(2018): 24,192 Votes

St. Mary’s:

Early voting- 2,280

Election day votes- 8,756

Absentee- 421

Provisional- 172

Total Votes Cast In St. Mary’s(2018): 11,629 Votes

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  1. it looks as though the election results are official. Candidates: please attempt to get your signs made in- county, then in- state before going out- of- state. Lets keep sign- making local + support local businesses. Even if you have to ask for a price match.

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