On Wednesday, October 05, 2011, at approximately 3:05 pm, there was a report of an accident on Route 4 South, just north of Cox Road. The Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad (Co.6) responded to the call as well as the ambulance from Dunkirk (Co.5). The truck ran into the rear of the car.  There were no injuries that needed to be transported to hospital.  This is a four lane area with a left turn lane, your normal two traffic and a right shoulder lane.  The truck was in the left lane and the car in the right shoulder lane. The fire equipment cleared the scene by 3:30 pm, but traffic was not allowed to flow. 

The traffic on Route 4 South backed up for at least 2.5 miles.  Traffic started flowing approximately 45 to 50 minutes later.