On Saturday, Dec. 19, the Southern Maryland Chapter of the American Red Cross responded to a request for support for the St Mary’s County Public works Facilities. The request came directly from the Emergency Operations Center for cots, blankets and comfort kits for about 30 snow plow drivers who had been working around the clock.
“It’s the little disasters that don’t get reported that the American Red Cross Southern Maryland Chapter responds to more frequently than any other,” said Mike Zabko, American Red Cross Southern Maryland Chapter CEO.
Zabko explained that late in the afternoon in the middle of the region’s blizzard, the Chapter received a request for assistance from the St Mary’s County EOC to provide aide to exhausted drivers. “They had been working around the clock to keep the roads passable. The plan was to turn an open space in the Public Works building on Saint Andrews Church road into a respite area where the weary drivers could get some sleep, a shower and some food to get them back on the road.” Zabko continued.

The biggest challenge was getting the Emergency vehicle and supply trailer from La Plata to California safely with the requested supplies to set up the temporary sleeping facility.

“After fighting with a snow bound fence gate and hooking the trailer up in knee deep snow we were able to start our nearly two hour journey. Safely arriving at the Public Works facility they put the comfort kits, blankets and cots to work,” continued Zabko.  “This is just another example of the value of your American Red Cross in Southern Maryland; We are here for you when you need us.” Zabko said.
The Southern Maryland Chapter continues to need immediate community support both financially and with volunteers to continue to provide emergency assistance to residents of the growing Southern Maryland region in their time of need. Contact any of the Chapter offices in the tri-county area to donate time or money to replenish the local Disaster Relief fund.
The American Red Cross is the only non-governmental organization mandated by the
U.S. Congress to alleviate human suffering of victims of disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes, technological and transportation crises.

To continue its humanitarian mission, the American Red Cross, relies on donations of money and time from the public. “We are not subsidized by the government,” said Zabko.