Photos by Staff Photographer Brian Haislip

Solomons Island, MD  — Don’t dismiss Brett Eldredge as just another handsome face amid the onslaught of bro-country. While his looks are undeniable, so are his wide-ranging country and classic crooner voice, showmanship and goofiness, and emotional and personal storytelling.

Kicking off his set with a rockier version of “Lose My Mind,” Eldredge proved very quickly that he was going to deliver a fantastic performance. With an enviable amount of energy, Eldredge bounced around the stage, singing his heart out. It was a strong start to what turned out to be an incredible set packed with hits and fan favorites.

Eldredge talked about growing up in the small town of Paris, Illinois, and penning his touching acoustic song “Raymond,” about his grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s. He followed up “Raymond” with a sweet and sentimental rendition of “The Long Way.”

It wasn’t all ballads and sad emotions. Eldredge’s cover of Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “My Girl” had the crowd dancing and singing along, as did his other up-tempo songs, including “I Wanna Be That Song” and “Beat of the Music.”

One of Eldredge’s best sentiments of the evening: “The simplest things in life are the most beautiful things in life.” And the audience obliged him during “One Mississippi” with a sea of arms waving.

For many in the area, it was their first time seeing him live and I’m sure they’ll be desperate to see him again.