County Administrator, Michael D. Mallinoff, Esq., ICMA-CM is pleased to announce that the Director of the Department of Economic Development, Darrell Brown, Esq. will serve on Maryland’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Advisory Board.

SBDCs are a part of the federal government’s Small Business Administration, which works with colleges, universities, and communities to assist small business and entrepreneurs.

Locally, the SBDC, Southern Region, partners with the College of Southern Maryland, to assist new and existing businesses with everything from business planning to growth strategies to complying with legal and tax issues.  They offer free counseling and low-cost training.

“Mr. Brown’s knowledge, experience, and continued support for small business development will certainly contribute to the improvement and expansion of the SBDC Network,” said state director of the Maryland SBDC, Renee C. Sprow.

SBDC offices are composed of a network of knowledgeable professional staff and engaged stakeholders who provide expert advice and specialized training to current and aspiring businesses. Their assistance results in successful businesses that create employment and contribute to the growth of local, state and national economies.

“I am excited to be a part of the Maryland SBDC Advisory Board and will do all that I can to support our small businesses in Charles County,” said Brown.

“Darrell’s participation on the Maryland SBDC confirms the continued collaboration with state government, county government, and the small business community,” said Mallinoff.

The SBDC believes businesses need three things to succeed: money, management, and marketing. These three needs correspond with the primary responsibilities of the SBDC Advisory Board: strategic planning, advocacy, and policy development.

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