PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — On October 25th, members of the Calvert County Board of Commissioners took time out of their final meeting of October to recognize National Clergy Appreciation Month. 

This month-long holiday was created to honor those that serve as pastors, missionaries, and religious workers in America.

National Clergy Appreciation Month (also called pastor appreciation month) was founded in 1994 by the global Christian organization Focus on the Family to recognize those who serve the Church and guide those within it. 

The second Sunday of October is also recognized as Pastor Appreciation Day.

The holiday has quickly been gaining much more prominence in Christian communities, partially because, according to the Pew Research Center, 65% of American adults identify as Christian.

The proclamation was presented by Commissioner Steve Weems. 

Several notable individuals in attendance included Roseanna Vogt, Founding Director and CEO of the Circle of Angels Initiative, and Pastor Ben Holland of Dunkirk Baptist Church.

In the proclamation, Commissioner Weems expressed how important it is that “we express our appreciation to the faith-based communities of Calvert County and encourage all assemblies to pay tribute to their leaders for their tireless efforts in supporting us all.”   

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  1. the clergy would appreciate it if the proceeds of the fines [alcoholl board], traffic citations, misdemeanor citations could be paid to the church instead of to the court. If you ask a judge in court if you could pay the proceeds of the fine to a church\ charity, he’ll decline. theres nothing wrong with asking, even if you can’t do it. damn law!

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