WALDORF, Md. — Today we are saying farewell to a long-time member of the CCSO family, M/Cpl. David Smith, Jr., #2157! M/Cpl. Smith is retiring after more than 30 years of dedicated service.

M/Cpl. Smith began his career on June 3, 1991. Throughout his career, he had the opportunity to serve on many teams as well as specialized positions to include Floor Officer, Fire Safety Officer, Emergency Response Team (ERT) Member and Leader for 15 years, Adjustment Hearing Officer, Field Training Officer (FTO), Transport Officer, Work Release Officer, and two tours as District Court Security Officer covering Courtrooms 1, 2, & 3. 

He says his greatest accomplishment is making it to this point: retirement. 

“Without a doubt, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office is the best Law Enforcement Agency in the country. We are family and it shows in many ways everyday,” said M/Cpl. Smith. “One of the most distinctive memories I have from my career is of the tornado back on April 28, 2002. I was stationed at the Courthouse at the time and the day after I was on traffic detail in front of the County Government Building. Retired Captain John McConnell #125 took this picture as Sheriff Davis and several others took a helicopter ride over the La Plata area to survey the destructive path the tornado left behind.”

M/Cpl. Smith says several mentors throughout his career provided leadership, training, friendship, and camaraderie that he’ll never forget: the late retired Academy Director and retired DC Homicide Detective Steve Allen, family friend Rick Niemira Sr., his Uncle Keith Vasey, a retired DC Homicide Detective, his Aunt Judy Vasey, a retired DC Homicide Detective, retired Director Rice #2110, retired Captain Gant #2141, and Deputy Director Studds #2130, who is also retiring today.

He is also grateful for his family. “Thank you to my Dad, David M. Smith, Sr., retired DC Police and U.S. Marshal, the greatest teacher a son could ever have. Thank you to my Mom in Heaven. I know she’s looking down on me with a huge smile on her face and I can hear her say ‘congratulations son, you’ve earned it, that’s my boy.’ Thank you to my sister, DeAnna Swann, and her family, for their continued support for me and my Brothers and Sisters in Blue over the years. Thank you to my Stepmother, Gloria, for all of your support and advice.”

Most of all, M/Cpl. Smith is grateful to his wife, Dianna. “Thank you, I love you, and our new journey awaits. No more 4:15 am alarms, no more dinners alone by yourself while I’m on evening shift, and no more sleepless nights while I’m on midnight shift.”
Outside of work, M/Cpl. Smith is looking forward to more time for hunting, fishing, camping, and traveling with his wife.

David, thank you for a career marked with dedication and service. We are going to miss you. Remember, you will always be part of our family!