Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office Brings Back “Drive Sober” Initiative

LA PLATA, Md.— The State’s Attorney’s Office for Charles County (SAO) is bringing more awareness to the grave dangers of driving impaired, as well as helping the public take preventative measures for its “Drive Sober” initiative. For the second year, the “Drive Sober” initiative will run during the holiday season – November 21, 2022, through January 1, 2023 – which is one of the deadliest times on the roadways due to drunk driving.

Last year, the SAO released a “Drive Sober” billboard featuring victim Ethan Ruefly, a 3-month-old infant killed by a drunk driver in Charles County. This year, the SAO is returning with a billboard featuring Taylor Halbeib (21 years old), Autumn Jenkins (20 years old), and Destanee Lyles (18 years old) – all victims of impaired drivers. As the SAO encourages motorists to think about the life-altering decisions they make on the roadways, the billboard packs a powerful message about the fate of these young women – “They won’t be home for the holidays” due to the careless decision of another person to drive impaired. Their stories can be viewed on the SAO website,

In addition, the SAO has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) again to spread awareness of their “Tie One on for Safety” campaign.

To encourage safe roadway practices, the SAO has committed to the distribution of:

  • Keychain breathalyzers
  • Rideshare gift cards
  • Non-alcoholic drink vouchers to designated drivers

Citizens of Charles County will be able to pick up any of these preventative measures on Saturday, November 26, 2022 at the “Shop La Plata” event in the Town of La Plata for Small Business Saturday.

Further information on the effects of impaired driving and the “Drive Sober” initiative can be found on the SAO’s website,

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  1. You dumb-o-crats are such a joke! You lessen the penalties and insist on catch & releasing all of them!!! Make the penalty for this as serious as the crime is!
    If someone ends a life because they drove drunk or stoned, their life has to end!
    If someone seriously hurts or cripples another because they drove drunk or stoned, they get 25 years in jail with no parole!
    If someone causes a serious crash because they drove drunk or stoned, they get one year in jail, lose their driving privileges for 3 years and get probation for 5 years!
    Until you girly cupcakes in Charles County get serious about this, it will continue because, for every 1 of these you take off the road, there are 20 more doing it w/o getting caught!

  2. It’s a lot of fun making a joke about Democrats being dumb… until I remind you that party identification among college-educated voters is 53% Democrat, 40% Republican. (Pew annual data). So, Democrats aren’t necessarily smarter, but vastly more educated. And I will remind you that Democrats are trying to effectively address social issues that might lead to drug and alcohol abuse, which leads to impaired driving. The threat of a tough sentence probably won’t stop someone reaching for a drink or a pill. Thank you for the opportunity to provide this information!

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