foundation 4 heroes

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

On the night of June 21st in Washington D.C., the Foundation 4 Heroes were again invited to come to the Children’s Hospital Family Advocacy Day, which has a Hero theme.

Representatives from Children’s Hospital across the US were in attendance at the JW Marriot for this prestigious event, as well as many families with children who have been treated by these fantastic facilities.

Some of the toughest little heroes were in DC to knock on some doors of politicians and get them to understand the need for great, quality care for their individual needs and for difficult cases.

In some cases coordinating and transferring info from regular hospitals to a specialty hospital, like Children’s, is as important so duplicate studies and tests aren’t being performed. This is what Speak Now for Kids is all about.

There were games for kids, food and drinks and a fun band and an awesome photo booth provided by Jack Hartzman’s Washington Talent, Photo and Video. He provided an awesome backdrop to take pictures of superheroes and real heroes, the kids.

The kids weren’t the only ones getting pictures. Staff and volunteers, as well as parents, made their way to the booth. All of the “kids” were super excited and enthusiastic about the evening.

One of the most rewarding parts of these types of interactions with the kids is watching them smile and hearing them laugh while they face such adversity.

How strong are these kids? To keep plugging along like only superheroes can. They are so inspirational to us. It is what keeps us doing this for them.