Clements Cuties Raise $176,000 To Battle Childhood Illness
Clements Cuties Raise $176,000 To Battle Childhood Illness

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – The Clements Cuties Foundation is a local charity organization that raises money for families who deal with childhood illnesses. This year, the organization raised more than $176,000. 

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, The Clements Cuties Foundation presented four checks, each worth more than $37,000 to local families. Seven scholarships worth $2,500 were also presented.

The Clements Cuties are a group of St. Mary’s County Softball players who participate in various charity games in the local area. The foundation started in the 1970’s and was reprised in 2013.

Clements Cuties Raise $176,000 To Battle Childhood Illness

Their most popular event is the Softball Showdown, where several male softball players dress up as women for a game. The foundation made a little over $32,000 from this year’s event alone.

“All these guys who are involved with Clements Cuties, I mean you look at them as big guys; but deep down inside, they all have big hearts,” Ricky Ryce, the Event Coordinator for Clements Cuties, told “But I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s not hard to shed a tear in a lot of moments that we have with these families and kids…It’s a serious thing, but we try to have a lot of fun with it and just to see the smiles on the kids faces is amazing.”

Clements Cuties Raise $176,000 To Battle Childhood Illness

Throughout the year, the Clements Cuties receive donations from local businesses, charitable organizations, and community members.

“The community in St. Mary’s is tremendous, and people try to help out as much as they can; we’ve been on the fortunate end of the stick where we’re trying to do good for these families and kids, and we can’t do any of it without our supporters and sponsors,” says Ryce.

If you would like to donate or learn more about The Clements Cuties Foundation, you can visit their website here. Home

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