Just days before the start of the current year’s session of the Maryland General Assembly, one of the most respected elected officials in the region not only cast her vote, talent and energy behind the campaign of Bryan “Puff” Barthelme in his race for the GOP nomination for the House of Delegates, but Republican, and Former County Commissioner Frances Eagan agreed to be the Honorary Chair of his campaign.

“I am deeply honored to have Commissioner Eagan join our campaign,” said Barthelme. “We have been working hard for months to organize our effort to win the Republican nomination and I believe we are now making major strides to do that with the help of Francy Eagan.  Her work as Deputy Executive Director of President Ronald Reagan’s successful campaigns in Maryland and serving as the first woman chairman of the county’s Metropolitan Commission as well as leading the conservative majority on the Board of Commissioners from 1994 to 1998 is an inspiration to my campaign. I am humbled and flattered to have her join as the Honorary Chair. I hope she doesn’t find out too soon that this position will come with real duties and we plan to put her to work to help turn out Republican voters for us on June 24th.”

Eagan’s support of the Barthelme campaign comes two months after Commissioner Larry Jarboe (R. Golden Beach) announced his support of Barthelme. Jarboe’s four terms as County Commissioner surpasses any record for winning elections in modern history for commissioners.  Eagan’s  popularity is well documented among Republicans Independents and Democrats as well. Her experience as a small business owner, a member of numerous Professional Boards, a citizen activist, volunteer with various fraternal and civic groups and as an elected official gives her a deep knowledge of St. Mary’s County and adds to the basic theme of the Bryan “Puff” Barthelme campaign – Roots!

“I am thrilled to have the roots of both Commissioners Eagan and Jarboe combined with my own.  I am from here, I know where Harpers Corner, Huntersville and Oakley are located. I hope voters will send me to Annapolis to work to oppose any further tax increases, to gain a fair share for St. Mary’s in public safety, roads and schools. My wife BJ has been teaching here in public schools for twenty-six years so I am educated on the challenges facing our teachers, I have been learning about them for a long time.”

NOTE: Commissioner Eagan will be releasing a statement this week.

By authority Friends of Bryan “Puff” Barthelme for House of Delegates, authority of Syd Morland, Treasurer.