Leonardtown, MD — The Commissioners of St., Mary’s County are deeply concerned about the recent shootings of police officers across the country. Commissioner John O’Connor began the comments by the all Republican board by criticizing President Obama. “It is disappointing to see the divisive response by the White House,” he said.

O’Connor, a former police officer and a Purple Heart recipient, noted that police “protect our constitutional rights.” He said while in in Iraq he worked with police officers who were being targeted by rooftop shooters and other snipers. He said what he saw there was reminiscent of what he is now seeing in this country.” He insisted such a situation is “not what I want to live in.”

The commissioners were especially reacting to the recent shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge which have happened since their last meeting. O’Connor, during the commissioners’ time segment of their July 19 meeting, said those who are blasting the police “don’t know what they are asking for.” He criticized the media and politicians for putting targets on the backs of the police.

Commisioner Tom Jarboe agreed with O’Connor. He said he has spent time in lawless countries. He feared the recent actions by shooters will lead to everyone living in a police state.” He added, “We are regressing. We really need to think about that.”

Commissioner Mike Hewitt followed the other two commissioners by saying, “God help us!” He tempered his thoughts by adding, “never think that your time in history is worse,” reflecting on what it must have been like for Jews in Nazi Germany in 1938.

“It is a tough time right now in our country,” said Commissioner President Randy Guy. “We are a country of the rule of laws,” he observed, also noting that during his time in the military he had been to lawless places in which he “would not want to live.”

Guy also said in visiting Mexico he had seen military with sub-machine guns in airports. “I hope we never get to that point,” he said.

Commissioner Todd Morgan was not at the meeting. He is attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where on the first night many of the speakers echoed what was said by the county commissioners.

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