LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – Many people have been unnecessarily lost due to gun violence and crime in Lexington Park over the past year, many of which have been young adults. While few have been willing to take action, some want to enact a change.

On July 30, community members and leaders came together to host an event to help stop gun violence in the community.

Sponsored by Basketball 4 L.Y.F.E, the “Rise Against Gun Violence” fundraiser took place at Willows Recreation Center in Lexington Park.

The event featured many activities, giveaways, and performances. There were basketball games, raffles, music, food, a cornhole tournament, and even a special performance from a magician and local celebrity, Reggie Rice.

All proceeds went to the Basketball 4 L.Y.F.E. organization, and a percentage of the proceeds will go to the NAACP to help support victims of gun violence.

But Basketball 4 L.Y.F.E. is not just about playing basketball.

“The Basketball 4 LYFE program has been spending thousands of dollars each year providing youth a safe space to learn life skills that support maturing teens and assist with developing connections outside of schools. These pro-social life skills include emotional regulation, social-emotional development, taking responsibility for personal choices and decisions, understanding impact over intent, job skills development, mental health awareness, tutoring, and connecting with mentors for on-going and wraparound support,” says a page on their website.

One of the biggest highlights of the evening was the announcement that the owners of YOUNGMOVEMENTS Child Care, Adrian and Elisabeth Young, were donating $1,000 to Basketball 4 L.Y.F.E.

“The donation we made was a way of giving back to a good cause to better our community,” Adrian Young told TheBayNet.com. The couple also helped to organize the event, and provided crafts for children to work on during the event.

“We understand that in this path of striving for a better future, it will require a collective team effort. We are just fortunate and appreciative to be able to collaborate with such great community leaders to make this event special and meaningful.”

This was an important step in a positive direction for Lexington Park, as this helped raise awareness of issues that have continued to harm the community while bringing people together.

“We feel that the event was important because it raises awareness to critical issues within our community and provides a way to come together to support positive change,” Young explains.

“Basketball 4 L.Y.F.E. provides great outlets for our youth to continue to stay involved in becoming future leaders not only through extracurricular activities but also through the active roles the youth and staff provide within the community. The fundraiser efforts aside in the positive direction for our community and allows the collective goals of the organization to come to fruition. The investment of time and effort is enduring commitment and events as these will continue to compound great results for our future generations.”

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RISE against gun violence – Basketball 4 LYFE – July 30, 2022

Direct Supporters – via volunteer, donation, or support

  • Willows Recreation Center – Trish Post and Sunny Malhotra – Sideline Bar and Grill
  • Koz’s creamery 
  • CiCi’s Sugar shack 
  • Luckydog Ice 
  • Reggie Rice Magic Show 
  • Adrian and Elizabeth Young – YoungmoveMINTS
  • Adrianne Dillahunt
  • Flaming Knights 
  • Timmy Pitcher 
  • BayNet
  • Steve Hall and the sheriffs department 
  • BJ Hall
  • St. Inie’s Coffee – Catherine and Howie Grube family
  • Brian Crosby
  • Wrenn Heisler
  • Deb Rey  
  • Janice Wathour
  • SJ Woodward Psychotherapy
  • A New Hope Therapy
  • Dia Barnes of DMB Creations https://dmbcreations.com
  • Laryssa Somerville – Socie Tea
  • Blair’s Jewelry
  • California Wine and Spirits
  • MJ Luxe Medi Spa 
  • T-shirts made and donated by Ashley Hendreikson
  • Personalized therapy 
  • Oasis of Flavor Catering 
  • Dorothy Nelson – SRMS
  • Bonnie Beavan – SRMS
  • Officer Muschette 
  • Matt Wood – GMHS
  • Kayla Goldring
  • Donnetta Corbin
  • Shanell and Gary Rice
  • Cynthia Brown
  • Joseph Webb
  • Darlene Johnson 
  • Kathy Hollyer
  • Joe Webb
  • Marjorie Walsh

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  1. I think it’s a great thing that they’re doing but all they really need to do is MAKE the parents, parent. Yes, the volunteers give the kids something to do but isn’t that the job of their parents? I think the parents are getting off too easy. I came up in a world where it didn’t “take a village to raise kids”… Oh well, I wish them tons of success.

  2. Until you RISE UP and acknowledge WHO TF does all this, it will NEVER go away. Third world standards. Thanks joe

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