Annapolis, MD – Comptroller Peter Franchot testified Feb. 17 before the House Ways and Means Committee in support of House Bill 390 – the Maryland Income Tax Refunds — Warrant Intercept Program legislation. The legislation (HB390/SB425) would expand the highly successful Anne Arundel County Maryland Income Tax Refund Warrant Intercept Program into a statewide initiative. Bill sponsors House Deputy Minority Whip Teresa Reilly, District 35B, and Senator Ed Reilly, District 33, joined the Comptroller along with law enforcement officials at a press conference on the bills earlier today.

“House Bill 390 is a critical piece of legislation designed to provide a powerful tool to our state’s law enforcement agencies,” Comptroller Franchot said. “If this bill is adopted, my office would have the authority to withhold tax refunds from Maryland taxpayers who have outstanding warrants.”

This initiative complements Franchot’s guiding principle of rewarding taxpayers who abide by the law and aggressively pursuing those who do not. This legislation will benefit law enforcement officers and the public as an additional public safety tool.
Currently, the program applies only to individuals who are residents of or have an outstanding warrant from Anne Arundel County, Washington County or Baltimore City. The Anne Arundel County warrant intercept program terminates September 30, 2018, and the Washington County and Baltimore City programs terminate September 30, 2019.

“Having seen the powerful and immediate effect this law has had in three local jurisdictions, I have no doubt that the entire State of Maryland would greatly benefit to have this program available to all jurisdictions across our state,” the Comptroller said.