LEONARDTOWN, Md. — All MedStar Health locations made a move on Mar. 12 to increase limitations to their visitation policies temporarily in light of what the World Health Organization(WHO) has recently deemed a “pandemic”: the novel coronavirus(COVID-19). Similarly to MedStar’s updated policies, CalvertHealth has recently adapted some nearly identical policies, which all appear to center around a few key points.

The biggest notice which has been applied to both MedStar and CalvertHealth is that no person under the age of 18, including siblings and infants, should be permitted to visit a care location such as a hospital unless they are seeking medical attention.

CalvertHealth highlighted one other change which includes how “all visitors should be healthy,” ensuring that if someone is exhibiting cold, flu or additional symptoms they shouldn’t be making hospital visitations.

MedStar’s locations have made what some might consider more severe changes to their policy. No visitors will be permitted to wait in the common areas at any or all locations. Additionally, visitors will be required to check in at the front desk and patients will be limited to one visitor at a time.

“MedStar Health is initiating temporary restrictions… to all care locations,” a posted notice on MedStar’s website reads. “As the COVID-19 status continues to rapidly evolve, visitor restrictions are [still] subject to change.”

Some other supplementary guidelines that have been posted include keeping patient visitation to a minimum and a being aware that visitors “may be screened for flu-like symptoms upon arrival.”

Both MedStar Health and CalvertHealth have recommended that if you are experiencing “respiratory symptoms”, calling ahead to your healthcare provider or emergency department before directly going in order to develop an appropriate plan for care will be beneficial to all parties.

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