There are a great many issues facing America today. It will take a collaborative effort from all sides; a mindset that puts the well-being of the people first and foremost at the heart of the solutions. A reaffirmation of sensibility is needed. After much consideration, Mr. David Jones is pleased to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate to represent the great state of Maryland and to take on this responsibility.


Mr. Jones was raised near Towson, Maryland and has a working class yet entrepreneurial background.  He currently works as a carpenter in Charles Village while providing for his son as a single father – his greatest job ever.  David prides himself on his ability to see what lies ahead as he did when he owned and operated his own business flipping houses for investors during the housing boom.  In 2007 he saw the housing market fallout that was to come.  He folded his business in time to make the move into what he knew would survive the downturn – rentals.  David is blue collar and his philosophy, born of hard work and personal responsibility, will guide the country to where it needs to go.  It is with his son and future generations in mind that he now pursues another role; that of public servant to the hard working people from the state of Maryland.


Mr. Jones’ stance on campaign fundraising is an immediate green flag to how refreshingly different he is to other campaigners. Senator or not, he is instituting “Effective Donating” as a solution to the problem of money in politics. He has invited those that would like to donate to turn those would-be advertising dollars into an opportunity to better their community. He believes those dollars would be better spent making a difference. David’s thought is that change is not something you believe in; it’s choosing to make a difference. That is what good leaders inspire you to do.