I have a question, what senior are you planning on being?

Do you plan on being the senior who slacks off the last year of high school or the senior who puts in all the hard work necessary to succeed?

I have decided to be the teen who puts in the work necessary for getting what I want after high school. But, if I’m being honest, I’m scared. And some of you might be scared too. So how can we make our senior year run smoother, get better prepared for post graduate life, and still have fun? 

Step 1: You should complete a list of potential schools you would like to attend, investigate available financial aid options, and find people willing to write letters of recommendations before your senior year starts. 

Step 2: Finalize your college application list, keep up your high school grades and extracurriculars, meet with your guidance counselor to discuss scholarships and schools, complete and submit your college applications to beat deadlines, and submit your completed FAFSA form in the fall. 

Let’s just call the first two steps your “get’em done before Christmas tasks.”

Next, we have your spring of ’24 stuff.

Step 3: Keep your grades up, pull together your financial aid options to finalize a payment strategy, check out other schools if you’re waitlisted. 

Step 4: Save money for upcoming college expenses, apply for scholarships that have late summer/fall deadlines, research available student loans if absolutely needed.

As a rising senior I have a solid guide to lead me to success, I will be following these steps so I can be successful, less stressed, and more focused on my freshman year of college.

Seniors, I highly recommend you find a solid plan. Work hard and follow through with your plan so you can have a smooth year.

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