On Jan. 29, the St. Mary’s County Detention Center was presented with the St. Mary’s County Health Department’s Gold Star Award for superior compliance to food safety standards. 

This is the second year the in a row the St. Mary’s County Health Department has formally recognized food establishments in St. Mary’s County who met the challenge and demonstrated exceptional attention to public health safety and sanitation. 

The Gold Star requirements include:

1. No critical violations
2. No Temperature violations cited during a monitoring inspection
3. All violations noted by an inspector (if any) must be corrected by the 30 day follow up inspection
4. No confirmed unsafe food handling complaints
5. At least one food service worker has completed a recognized and approved “Food Service Sanitation and Safety Class” within the last two years.

Dr. William B. Icenhower, St. Mary’s County Health Officer, presented the award certificate along with a window sticker proclaiming “Gold Star” at a ceremony held at the St. Mary’s County Government’s Chesapeake Building.