Hello, TheBayNet.com readers and dog lovers! We are absolutely thrilled by the number of photos and participation we have received in this contest. It is clear that Southern Marylanders truly love and cherish their furry best friends. It is definitely going to be a challenge for TheBayNet.com staff to narrow it down to our finalists, simply due to the sheer number of quality entries.

The purpose of this article is to announce the official cutoff date for this contest. We encourage anybody who has not had a chance to submit their photo yet to e-mail contests@thebaynet.com or send us a message with the photo on Facebook. This is the last weekend you’ll be able to enter your pooch. After Monday, August 20th at 12 noon we will no longer be accepting entries. TheBayNet staff needs ample time to collect our thoughts and decide who our finalists will be.

Stay tuned to our Dog Days page for more updates as the contest progresses. Soon we will announce our finalists, prizes, and instruction on how to vote for the winners.
We sincerely thank our readers for their passion for this contest and can’t wait for the next steps!