Egg Crisis, Calling All Local Farmers

CALIFORNIA, Md. — The egg crisis has turned over to social media. While locals are egg-pressing their concerns about the egg shortage through memes, farmers are trying to help by selling eggs at an affordable cost.

Farmers are becoming everyone’s favorite neighbors, but even they can’t combat the crisis alone. Russell Bros. LLC, a farm in Morganza, Maryland, sold out of their lastest batch of eggs the same day after making a post on Facebook.

Other farmers, like Jackie Harry, off of McIntosh Rd, have also made Facebook posts promoting their homegrown eggs.

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But why have egg prices skyrocketed in the first place? 

Why Have Egg Prices Increased?

A combination of holiday demand and avian flu is causing a shortage of egg-producing hens which has caused the prices to skyrocket. 

As of January 11, 2023, the CDC reported that the avian flu has killed 57,832,114 poultry animals, which bypasses the number of birds affected by the largest bird flu outbreak that occurred in 2015.

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

On the CDC’s report from Novermber of 2022 they stated, “Although the overall risk to the general public from the current bird flu outbreaks remains low, it is important that people take preventive measures around infected or potentially infected birds/poultry to prevent the spread of bird flu viruses to themselves or to other birds/poultry and other animals, including pets.” 

You can view more precautions on the CDC website:

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