David James Clark II

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Calvert County State’s Attorney Robert Harvey announced that David James Clark II, 38, of Crownsville, MD, was convicted on January 28, 2022, of illegally carrying a handgun in a motor vehicle. Clark received a sentence of 6 months incarceration followed by a 5-year period of probation.

Clark was stopped on June 19, 2021, on Route 4 in Owings for suspected impaired driving. He was arrested after he failed to satisfactorily perform field sobriety tests. A search of his vehicle revealed an unloaded Glock 17 handgun concealed in the center console. Clark did not have a permit to carry the gun.

Pursuant to the policy of the State’s Attorney’s Office, Clark’s case was prosecuted in the Circuit Court for Calvert County. The Circuit Court is required to apply Maryland Sentencing Guidelines which call for a period of up to 2 years active incarceration in illegal handgun cases involving persons with no prior criminal record.

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  1. Not only you were you driving impaired. therefore causing yourself to have your vehicle searched ,, YOU gave them the reason to search ..YOU caused this to yourself … …
    Two things given :
    1.He is not a responsible vehicle operator
    2.He is not a responsible gun owner .
    He own his criminal record.
    Don’t be a donkey or you’ll be like him..

    1. For the most part, “Yes.” “Normal citizens” can’t just drive around with a gun in the car, loaded or unloaded. You can be driving to/from a shooting range, gun store, FFL dealer, or gunsmith. If you have a CCW permit you can keep it in the car. I read somewhere about a couple of guys who were at the shooting range, left to go home, and stopped for dinner. They were followed from the range and their car was broken into while eating and their firearms stolen; they both were in trouble for this because stopping to eat is not part of driving from the range to your house!

      1. This is only law in Communist Maryland, most states are free. As long as your gun is not concealed.

  2. I thought that was common knowledge that you need a permit. You sound like your upset this fool got arrested? He was drunk driving, so what if he hit your wife or anyone in your family would you still be upset??

  3. UNLOADED? No ammo in the vehicle? Technically a violation but pretty cheesy, unless the dude was a felon or had other pertinent previous issues.

  4. Ok explain how the heck you are supposed to get your gun to and from the firing range?? Have a sheriff take it there for you. You have the right to Bear arms 2nd Amendment… Shall not be abridged… That’s your license to carry must have had a public defender

  5. Perimeter no permit, Bob Harvey and all them other ones need to understand I’m not getting shot by one of these young punks out here because I don’t have something to defend myself with but they don’t understand it because they’re not out on the street worrying about getting shot

  6. Other than the DWI issue, the charges against him are absurd. Welcome to The Peoples’ Republic of Maryland.

  7. Have you tried to get a ccw … it’s only good from point A to point B stated on your license …like from work place to bank or bank to home ..if you are not coming or going to or from what ever is on your permit you can be held in violation …possibly more severely than if you don’t have a permit …welcome to Maryland

  8. All they do in md is take your rights away in tn got pulled over plenty times with loaded guns never had a problem

  9. This is a joke MD loves to take your rights away got pulled over plenty of times with a loaded gun on me in Tennessee never had a problem

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