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CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. – On June 3, 2022, members of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division and Crash Reconstruction Team responded to Breezy Point Road in the area of Blue Heron Drive in Chesapeake Beach, MD for a report of a serious motor vehicle crash.

Preliminary Investigation revealed a 2005 Nissan Altima was traveling west on Breezy Point Road approaching South Blue Heron Drive when it struck a tree and rolled over partially ejecting the operator from the vehicle. The Nissan Altima was operated by Michelle Lee Twigg, 47 of Lexington Park, MD, who was the sole occupant. Life saving measures were administered on scene. Twigg was transported to CalvertHealth Medical Center, where she was pronounced deceased.

At this time, speed and alcohol are contributing factors in this crash. Senior Deputy First Class Jeffrey Hardesty of the Crash Reconstruction Team is conducting the investigation. Anyone who may have witnessed the collision or any events leading up to it is asked to contact S/DFC Hardesty at (410) 535-2800 or via email: Jeffrey.Hardesty@calvertcountymd.gov

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  1. People drive way too fast on that road. Horrible this has to happen but maybe it’ll raise awareness and the county will do something about it….

      1. Of course you would say that. You knew that she was a great woman. I hope that everyone gets what they deserved because she’s dealt with some messed up individuals.

    1. It dident mention how a so called man abused her but punched her gave her black eye before that happens and that reason she got in car and left

    1. Article does state
      “At this time, speed and alcohol are contributing factors in this crash. ”
      She was headed west , meaning she was leaving Breezy beach , campground or a residence… How much intoxicated we don’t know…
      Yet I’d venture to say possibly she was with someone at any of those aforementioned locations and let her leave possibly too intoxicated to drive ….
      Preventable ,yes, don’t speed .. don’t drink and drive …
      Ck’d her judicial history.. appears she has kid(s)
      I can only imagine what her kid(s) are going through…
      Too all…. learn from her and don’t repeat.

        1. No she didn’t. Do not sit here and say that. We all know too well what was going on. KARMA

        2. Let’s talk about the amount of abuse that she endured. You should be the last one talking. Someone should’ve offered help to her.

  2. In the last paragraph of the story it does mention that, “At this time, speed and alcohol are contributing factors in this crash.” Tragic, but avoidable.

  3. Last paragraph states, “At this time, speed and alcohol are contributing factors in this crash.”

  4. Everyone’s main focus is the amount of alcohol that she consumed. You all judge people based on their negative decisions. Everyone has made mistakes in their life. Nobody is perfect. It is the fact that she left six children in this world. They will never feel their mom’s touch, hear her voice, or create new memories with her. Your negative comments disregard the feelings of her children. No one knows the traumas/abuse that she had to face. During this time, she deserves to rest in peace regardless of her past. God never judges anyone, so who are you all to judge her? There is so many things that people could of done to help her. People left her to suffer and never gave her the proper support that she deserved. Some of you are left with guilt because of how you treated her. Leave it with yourself. She should be remembered for her smiling face and beautiful personality. May you rest in peace, Michelle Beach. Continue to watch your children grow. Spread love and positivity!

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