Alcohol Compliance Checks
Alcohol Compliance Checks

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Alcohol Enforcement Unit recently conducted a succession of alcohol compliance checks at 18 businesses in St. Mary’s County. Fifteen of the establishments were found to be compliant, while three businesses failed to ask an underage Sheriff’s Office employee for identification.

The covert compliance checks were conducted on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, using an underage Sheriff’s Office Corrections Officer. The 20-year-old corrections officer was wearing plain clothes and carried no personal identification. The corrections officer was directed to enter the business to order or retrieve an alcoholic beverage for purchase.

Of the 18 businesses visited, 15 were found in compliance with Maryland law and required identification from the underage corrections officer. Three businesses failed to ask for any identification and the corrections officer was able to purchase an alcoholic beverage underage.

Businesses found to be in compliance were: Early Bird in Hollywood; Wildewood Wine & Spirits in California; Jughead Liquor Wine Beer in California; Twist Wine & Spirits in Lexington Park; Lex Wine & Spirits in Lexington Park; ABC Liquors and Lounge in California; HV Liquors in California; Corner Liquors in Lexington Park; County Liquors in Lexington Park; 2000 Liquor in Lexington Park; Canopy Liquors in Lexington Park; International Beverages in Lexington Park; Stop & Shop in Lexington Park; Bob’s Sunoco in Callaway and Beacon Liquors in Callaway.

The three businesses found to be in violation were: Marketplace Wine & Spirits in California; St. Mary’s Fine Wine and Spirits in Great Mills and Cook’s Liquors & Deli in Park Hall.

The reports of alcohol violations were forwarded to the St. Mary’s County Alcohol Beverage Board for review. 

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  1. please keep in mind — alcohol is consensual between the buyer + seller, no one feels like the victim. It could be the that st marys is not going to come to its senses + the other businesses should start iding, because st marys is not going to stop this practice, not that it should do this. Yes, most countries to not have alcohol ages. What can I say the US does some things, but not all things right.

  2. this is what should happen to the violations: they will probably have a hearing + a fine will be considered. Why not give the fine to charity? Why not be able to pay the fine to a charity of ones choice, or a charity both can agree on? Otherwise, it seems the alcohol board is [getting revenue?] on non- compliant businesses. Who is the fine payable to, anywayy?

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