ANNAPOLIS, Md. — On Facebook this afternoon, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan[R] announced that he completed his five-year anniversary PET scan at the University of Maryland Medical System(UMMS) hospital, and the results turned up that he is still “100 percent cancer free.”

“This critical milestone in my cancer journey is an opportunity to reflect on how incredibly blessed I’ve been—by the unwavering love of my family, the dedication of the doctors and nurses who treated me, and the support shown to me by the people of Maryland,” Hogan said in his post. “Today, I was able to return to the hospital that saw me through my 24-hour chemo treatments and thank the front line health care workers for all they’ve done, not only for me, but for the people of Maryland during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In 2015, Hogan was diagnosed with an advanced and aggressive form of lymphoma, but he battled through with the only casualties being the loss of his full head of white hair and a couple of scars on his face.

Hogan went on to discuss how his experience of having cancer changed his worldview, and passed along some new found words of wisdom for life.

“My battle with cancer taught me that life is much too short, so we’d better make the most of it,” Hogan said. “I truly believe that every day, each and every one of us is given the opportunity to do something great. And I promise that I am going to give this job everything I’ve got every single day that I’m given.”


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