It’s no secret – children love Christmas. They write Santa letters, they seemingly instantly become little angels, and if they’ve been good they sometimes even get back letters from Santa! While they don’t always understand the monetary efforts put in by parents and adults, what they DO understand is the magic and excitement of Christmas, and you should get them involved in a few things to keep them feeling upbeat and high-spirited at the one time of year when kids can be kids.

A great way to get your kids involved in Christmas preparations is to let them help you wrap presents. Let them watch you wrap a few things, then ask them to wrap something themselves. Make it something easy, something box-like, something not awkward. Help them with things like cutting wrapping paper and sealing the presents with tape. Children pick things up extremely quickly and they’ll have this under wraps in no time! Soon you’ll have a little helper to help you with what can sometimes be a boring and strenuous job. Having your children involved will keep it fun, for both you and them!

Another winner is to simply bake some Christmas goodies with your kids. This needn’t be expensive or time consuming, but your children will love it. We all know that kids love to get messy and if they can have fun while doing it, then all the better! Look up some nice Christmas recipes – you can get them almost anywhere – and let your children help you choose what to make. Gather the ingredients together and spend some time in the kitchen preparing the goodies. The anticipation of waiting for their products to cook or cool down will keep children excited, and the lovely smell is a great reminder that it’s Christmas. When your sweet delights are ready, you can share them amongst the family or offer them to friends and relatives!

Lastly, let your children help you put the Christmas tree up! Kids absolutely love this, as not only does it mark the start of Christmas, but it also gives them a sense of pride when they see their finished product. Let them decide on colours and decorations, and help them with hanging decorations further up the tree. You see it in movies all the time – parents lifting their child up to put the star or the angel on top of the tree. It might seem cliché to you, but do it anyway! It’ll make them so happy and proud to know they’ve put the last piece, the most important piece, on top of the tree.

Christmas might seem like a stressful time of the year for you, but it doesn’t need to be stressful for your children either. Put some of your worries and problems aside for a day and get some great Christmas activities done with your little ones.


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