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ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Governor Larry Hogan today announced the launch of a multi-pronged, first-in-the-nation workforce development initiative to formally eliminate the four-year college degree requirement from thousands of state jobs. Spearheaded by the Maryland Department of Labor and the Maryland Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the state will work with partners to recruit and market these roles to job seekers who are “Skilled Through Alternative Routes” (STARs).

The governor was joined for today’s announcement by Secretary Tiffany Robinson of the Maryland Department of Labor and Byron Auguste, the CEO and co-founder of Opportunity@Work, a nonprofit workforce development organization that will work with DBM to specifically identify Maryland “STARs” in the IT, administrative, and customer service sectors.

“Through these efforts we are launching today, we are ensuring that qualified, non-degree candidates are regularly being considered for these career-changing opportunities,” said Governor Hogan. “This is exactly the kind of bold, bipartisan solution we need to continue leading the nation by giving even more Marylanders the opportunities they need to be successful.”

The State of Maryland employs more than 38,000 individuals and DBM estimates that more than half of those jobs can substitute relevant experience, training, and/or community college education for a four-year degree. There are more than 300 currently open state government jobs that no longer require a four-year degree, all of which are now listed on “Stellarworx,” Opportunity@Work’s innovative STARs talent marketplace.

STARs are age 25 or older, active in the labor force, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have developed their skills through alternative routes such as community college, apprenticeships, military service, boot camps, and most commonly, on-the-job. Opportunity@Work estimates that there are currently more than 70 million STARs in the United States.

“There are over 1 million Marylanders who do not have bachelor’s degrees, but do have skills for jobs that are in demand by both the State of Maryland and other employers,” said Auguste. “These Maryland workers are STARs – Skilled Through Alternative Routes – such as community college, military service, workforce training, on-the-job learning and more. By launching this initiative and sourcing STARs talent on Stellarworx, Governor Hogan and his administration are making clear that Maryland values all the skills of its diverse workforce. This will enable more Marylanders to work, learn and earn to their fullest potential and is a promising model for other states and employers to follow.”

Of the 2,869,000 workers in Maryland today, more than 1.3 million, or 47%, are considered STARs. Nationally, 61% of Black workers, 55% of Hispanic workers, 66% of rural workers of all races, and 61% of veterans are STARs.

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  1. “Governor Hogan and his administration are making clear that Maryland values all the skills of its DIVERSE (There’s the favorite word of the left) workforce. Nationally, 61% of Black workers, 55% of Hispanic workers, 66% of rural workers of all races, and 61% of veterans are STARs.” (Oop dere it is! Funny how they never mention how many are WHITE…)
    Why else would the rino be OK with this? First, they dumbed down the Military and the Police and look where that got them! Then they dumbed down our elections and look where that got us!
    It’s ALL about the dumbing down of Maryland and our country by the Dems: Dumbing Down, Democrat & Diversity = dependence, doom and the death of jobs.
    Funny how none of this was necessary under President Trump since he had @ 95% of work eligible Americans working. He had as many people working as the left had fraudulent ballots…

    1. Lol, who is dumb? You realize Hogan is a republican? You voted for Trump? Oh… right, that answers my first question.

    2. Funny, it was Republicans that got busted with voter fraud. Presidents don’t control the job market. Wall Street does.

    3. You don’t know what you are talking about. My wife does not have her bachelors degree, so there are plenty of jobs available that she could easily do and better than many who have the degree, but she can’t apply because she doesn’t have the degree. Now she will be able to. We are Trump supporters, but this law will fill in hundreds of jobs will people capable of doing them.

  2. Nationally, what percent of White people are STARs? Or is this program created and dedicated solely to the hiring of other than White people? People would like to know Fat Larry.

  3. is this an acknowledgement, by the Governor, that college degrees are a purchase & you shouldn’t purchase one unless you should, just as you shouldn’t purchase a rug or a tire, or a spoon unless you should?

  4. Oh show us a stat that proves 95% of eligible Americans were employed under Trump!! I want to see you prove that statement.

        1. You asked for facts, and I showed them to you
          Once again I’ve made you look dumb

        2. It shows unemployment was at the lowest rate in 50 years under trump

          How is that ignorant? It was a fact

          You clearly have a issue with facts

          I never agreed with the 95 percent rate

          Did you ever learn to read yet? Obviously not❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

          1. No moron, I asked for Archie to prove his statement that 95% of the eligible Americans were employed under Trump. I didn’t ask what the unemployment number was. Your post has nothing to do with the question. That you posted irrelevant info is your reading issue.

          2. Oh you are really dumb. The unemployment rate of 3.5% does not mean 96.5% of eligible workers were working. That’s is just a stupid statement. And I mean STUPID.

          3. Wow…that is just truly stupid. Do you want me to walk through why it is truly stupid or do you just want to shut up and slink away?

        3. Also however technically speaking unemployment was at 3.5 percent which means 96.5 percent of eligible workers were employed

          Here’s how it works you take 100 and subtract 3.5


          Any further questions?

          1. Do you really want me to explain why your comment is so stupid or would you rather just slink away and hide for awhile behind some other screen name?

          2. The above comment is the end of the conversation, you cannot make any attempt to come back at this

            I’ll help you one last time

            100-3.5 now stay with me here, this is where it gets very confusing for you because of that decimal point

            100-3.5= 96.5

            I know that decimal point is very confusing to you especially with that pipeline in your rear

            Enjoy your day cupcake, no need to thank me, no need to post anything because I’m moving on to the next article to make you look like a fool

  5. Hmm, the election got us out from the rule of the most incompetent, vindictive, autocratic president in U.S history. If this is what dumbing down an election means, let’s do more of it.

    1. Bidumb is the worst president this country has ever had This country is bad shape. Inflation and war. You can tell when Bidumb is lying his lips are moving. FJB.

    2. Hmm, the election also got us out of energy self-sufficiency, low unemployment, low inflation, peaceful co-existence with other world powers and lower illegals entering our country with their unchecked diseases, crime and drugs.
      Next, we will hear how Slo’ Joe used to operate a peanut farm too!

  6. FYI: above No Clue used the completely wrong statistic. His attempt to do math was an utter failure. He has no idea what he is talking about, as usual.

    1. That’s because you can’t do 1st grade math 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Troll, troll, 😈 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

      1. Just restating the obvious: No Clue used the completely wrong statistic. His attempt to do math was an utter failure. He has no idea what he is talking about, as usual.


          NOW PISS OFF

  7. The number of eligible working age Americans is 263 million. The number employed is 158 million. 6 million Americans are actively looking for work. 99 million Americans are not employed and are not looking. The percentage of American who are of working age and eligible to work is hovering around 61%. All of this information is readily available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly Employment Situation Report. See Table A: The Household Survey.

    1. Wrong!

      You asked for proof during the trump administration for the 95 percent of eligible workers were employed, I provided that information twice
      I also broke down the math equation for you as well
      Not one person, meaning nobody asked for the current statistics

      1. Under Trump the LFPR fell from 62.9% to 61.5%. Despite your pathetic attempt at math, the LFPR was NEVER, EVER anywhere near 95% under Trump (or ever for that matter).

        1. I did prove it, you can’t read, I’m not gonna keep reposting the same thing over and over again

          1. Wow…you really are dumb and you are so happy to prove it over and over and over and over.

  8. “Enjoy your day cupcake, no need to thank me, no need to post anything because I’m moving on to the next article to make you look like a fool.”

    And yet you keep posting and reposting silly childish garbage. Who looks like a fool?

          1. 100 percent minus 3.5 is 96.5





            How are you this dumb?

          1. Thought you were moving on? You really should, you failed on your silly employment math, you failed on your silly thought that Ukraine is not a US problem, you failed to properly understand what I said in an earlier post you provided a link to, you failed to understand the difference between fact and opinion, you just failed…period.

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