Charlotte Hall, MD— On April 23, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Yingling responded to Mohawk Drive in Charlotte Hall for a possible burglary. 

The victim advised she recently installed a sensor at the end of her driveway which alerted her if a car was in her driveway. The victim retrieved a flashlight and thought she saw a figure outside her residence. 

When Yingling arrived on the scene, he observed on the victim’s front porch a set of keys and a credit card that was sitting on a box. The victim stated, “the credit card and vehicle keys belonged to her, and she knows they were in her purse during the day of April 22,” according to charging documents. 

The victim checked her residence, and the purse was there, but missing were her vehicle keys and credit card. Yingling checked the victim’s vehicle, “which was warm to the touch as if it was recently driven. The victim advised she had not moved the vehicle in days,” according to charging documents. 

The victim stated that the vehicle was solely registered to her and that she would not have parked the vehicle in its current parking spot. According to charging documents, “the victim immediately suspected the defendant to be her grandson, as he has stolen from her in the past and is a drug addict.” 

The victim stated the defendant recently returned to the area and lived with his mother next door. The victim was able to access her credit card on-line and discovered four charges made at unknown locations in Linthicum, MD totaling $40.84. 

The victim stated that is an area where the defendant was previously living, and she believes she caught him in the act of trying to return her credit card and keys. 

On the evening of April 23, the defendant contacted St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s headquarters requesting to speak to Yingling so he could confess. Yingling was able to make contact with the accused in person May 11. According to Yingling, the defendant stated that he took from victim’s purse the vehicle keys and credit card. 

The defendant was identified as Michael L. Mueller, 23 of Charlotte Hall. Mueller stated that he used his grandmother’s credit card and vehicle. Mueller took the vehicle to the Glen Burnie area to visit people and use drugs. 

Mueller has been charged with first-degree burglary, possession of burglar’s tools with intent to use them in a burglary, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, stealing a credit card and theft less than $100.

At this time, Mueller does not have a scheduled court date. Mueller faces a maximum jail sentence of 29 years and nine months and/or a maximum fine of $6,000. 

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