ST. MARY’S CITY, Md. – Historic St. Mary’s City (HSMC), a museum of living history and archaeology at the site of Maryland’s first capital that interprets the lives of the many people who have lived in this region for thousands of years, and the Maryland Center for History and Culture (MCHC), the oldest cultural institution in Maryland, have announced a joint member partnership allowing members to explore two great historic institutions that tell the story of Maryland’s origins. The partnership offers a $20 savings on a one-year membership to both organizations at either the individual or family level.

The joint member partnership provides visitors the ability to enjoy all the benefits of both institutions from the extensive objects and documents within MCHC’s collection about Maryland’s founding to the recently discovered archaeological sites representing approximately 8,000 years of Native presence in southern Maryland and  St. Mary’s Fort, the first major foothold of European settlement in the state. HSMC and MCHC Joint Membership Benefits Include:

• Free admission to the museum and over four miles of walking trails
• 10% discount at The Shop at Farthing’s Ordinary
• A subscription to the quarterly newsletter A Brief Relation
• Invitations to member-only events in addition to email updates of all events
• Unlimited free admission to the museum and library
• Access to 300 museums and historic sites through the Time Travelers reciprocal program
• 15% discount at the Museum Store, excluding consignment items
• 15% discount on MCHC Press publications
• Subscriptions to Maryland and History Culture News, The Maryland Historical Magazine, and the monthly e-newsletter
• Invitations to member-only programs and events
• Priority registration and member discounts on tickets to programs

“Historic St. Mary’s City is honored to collaborate with MCHC on this amazing partnership which brings together two of Maryland’s premiere cultural heritage destinations,” says Howie Grube, Director of Development with Historic St. Mary’s City.  “Members will have the best of both worlds with an urban (MCHC) site in Baltimore and a rural destination in St. Mary’s City.”

“We are so excited about our new partnership with our friends at Historic St. Mary’s City,” said Hilary Chiang, MCHC’s Director of Individual Giving. “The HSMC and MCHC Joint Membership program gives members of both institutions greater access and opportunities to learn about Maryland’s diverse history – connecting people across the state and throughout time.”

For more information on the joint member partnership between Historic St. Mary’s City and the Maryland Center for History and Culture, visit

About Historic St. Mary City (HSMC)
Historic St. Mary’s City (HSMC) is an outdoor museum of living history and archaeology, dedicated to studying and interpreting the lives of those who dwelled in the area that is currently known as St. Mary’s City. This includes the ancestors of contemporary Native American groups, including the Piscataway Indian Nation and Piscataway Conoy Tribe, who recognized the region’s unique environmental advantages and lived here for thousands of years. It includes the European colonists from all walks of life who made the brave decision to voyage to an unfamiliar land and make a home on the banks of what came to be called the St. Mary’s River. It also includes the people of African ancestry who were forced from their homes and transported across the Atlantic Ocean to labor in perpetual bondage. The interactions of these groups of people gave rise to the complex legacies of opportunity and oppression whose effects are still being felt today.

HSMC is responsible for the preservation of more than 800 acres of land and three miles of shoreline. The museum continues to make new archaeological discoveries and train future archaeologists with its annual Field School in Historical Archaeology, the longest running historical archaeological field school in the country. HSMC continues to engage both students and the general public in educational programs in novel and exciting ways, encouraging people of all ages to connect the past with their contemporary lives.

About the Maryland Center for History and Culture
The Maryland Center for History and Culture (MCHC) collects, preserves, and interprets the history, art, and culture of Maryland. Originally founded as the Maryland Historical Society in 1844, MCHC inspires critical thinking, creativity, and community by exploring multiple perspectives and sharing national stories through the lens of Maryland.

As the oldest operating nonprofit cultural institution in the state, MCHC houses a collection of 7 million books, documents, manuscripts, and photographs, and 350,000 objects in its museum and library located in Baltimore. MCHC also serves as a leading center of Maryland history education through its onsite school tours, student research center, virtual field trips, traveling trunks, online digital learning resources, and professional development opportunities for teachers.