Waldorf, MD – History is often made with great bravado.

tatyana smith

Other times it is created in quieter, more subtle ways.

Such was the case Saturday, June 4 when St. Charles High School graduated the first senior class in its own short history.

St. Charles opened 2015 in Waldorf.

The ceremony, held at North Point High School in Waldorf, demonstrated how some St. Charles Spartans had to grow in order to cope with their own personal feelings toward their new school.

“When I first came to St. Charles, I felt like an outcast,” Tatyana Smith, president of the school’s Student Government Association, admitted. “I hated the new school. I hated change. When I came here, I didn’t know anyone. Slowly, I began to develop pride in our new school.”

“Class of 2016, today we made history,” said Paris Mercier, senior president.

“I am thankful I have shared these experiences,” Valedictorian Amber Williams noted.

Principal Richard Conley, who has guided St. Charles students from the beginning, thanked the seniors for their efforts to help make the school a healthy learning environment.

“Share this,” he told the graduates.

The fact that they were McDonough Rams, or Thomas Stone Cougars, or La Plata Warriors before becoming St. Charles Spartans, was part of an experience they all shared.

“Each one of you have left your mark in our school,” Conley said. “You have set the bar high for those who will follow. You embarked on a journey of building the culture of St. Charles. You have left something special behind you.”

“Your struggle and triumph are part of the same journey,” Dr. Kimberly Hill, Charles County superintendent of schools said. “To resist complacency and push yourself to do new things.”

And then the senior class of 292 students did something no other St. Charles High School class had ever done before.

They made history.

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