HOLLYWOOD, Md. — The Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department(HVFD) recently announced the arrival of a new set of rafts to meet the full needs of the department.

Over a year ago, HVFD’s Raft Committee was announced to start the replacement process for Raft 7.

After several meetings and in-depth research, it was determined that not just a single raft could meet the needs with water rescues in Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

The department decided to go with a three-tiered system to cover the multitude of different waterways within the region.

“Our first due is boarded by the Patuxent River on the northeast side with numerous creeks, ponds, and other potential flood areas throughout the Hollywood area,” the department said on Facebook. “Because of the multiple types of waterways, we needed to have a solution for all of them. The Department purchased three different water crafts.”

Below are the three tiers of rafts that the department has acquired and a brief description from the department about how it will be utilized:

1. 15’4″ Oceanid RDC Rescue Banana.

This unit will be stored(deflated) on Rescue Squad 7 for rapid deployment during different water rescues. This watercraft can be inflated within minutes and deployed during ice rescues or flood water.

2. 12’6″ Dib Rapid Response Boat with a 9hp Motor.

This unit can be deployed from the River close to the shore to flood waters and ponds. Because of the size of this Unit, it can be carried to areas that are not accessible by vehicles and launched quickly by a minimum number of personnel.

3. 17’5″ Zodiac MilPro Center console with a 90hp Motor.

This unit will be used in large waterways such as the Rivers and Creeks in the area. The Unit will be utilized as a Rescue Craft and not a Fire Boat.

Along with all 3 watercraft, Rescue Squad 7 is fully equipped with numerous water rescue equipment that exceeds the standards.

Over the next several months, HVFD members will be participating in training to get familiar with the new units and train on water rescue procedures.

“As always, we want to thank the Community for supporting our 100% Volunteer Department,” HVFD said.

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  1. The boat ramp at Hollywood Shores is available for use in training. This offers access to both the Patuxent River and Cole Creek.

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