Operational Officers being sworn in

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – On January 15, the Department held our Annual Installation of Officers.  The night started off with several Memorials of members we lost over the last year.  This included our First Fire Chief William Huseman, Charter Member William Jones, Past Captain Walter Taylor(NDWFD LODD), and Past Ladies Auxiliary President Mary Evelyn Goldsborough.  Each one of these Members were a huge part of what the Hollywood VFD is today.  Without the knowledge and the leadership of each of these individuals, the Hollywood VFD would not be what it is today.

Presented Mattingly excepting the Chief’s Award

The Executive and Operational Officers were sworn into their positions and several awards were handed out to Members of the Department.  The first awards presented by President Mattingly were the Length of Service Awards.  Three of our Members received 65 years of service awards.  These members were Albert Johnson, Elwood Joy, and George Thompson.  Two Members received Life Membership with the Department, Firefighter Bryan Riley and Ladies Auxiliary Past President Cynthia Wood.  President Mattingly presented George Thompson the Presidents award for 2021.  

Ladies Auxiliary President Wood presenting the Department a check of $100,000.00

Ladies Auxiliary Past President Cynthia Wood Presented the Department with a check of $100,000.00.  This is just one example of how our Ladies Support us throughout the year.  We can never thank them enough for what they do and how they always support us in and out of the Station.  They are always looking for additional members if you would like to check them out at Ladies Auxiliary of the Hollywood VFD.

Firefighter of the Year Scott Hankinson

Chief Richard Brady presented several operational awards to Members for several different achievements.  Firefighter Scott Hankinson was presented with the Firefighter of the Year, along with Top Driver and Top Responder.  Firefighter Hankinson responded to over 500 runs out of 810.  This was well deserved for Firefighter Hankinson.

Most Promising Firefighter Devon Bean

The most promising firefighter(Rookie of the Year) was awarded to Devon Bean.  Devon received his Leather Helmet from the County Recruitment Officer and a front from the Chief for the Helmet.  The Chief’s Award was presented to President Mattingly for his commitment to Fire Chief Brady for the last 7 years he served. 

Chief Brady being presented his Past Chief Badge and his Shadow Box

After Chief Brady completed his awards, Chief Rogers and President Mattingly presented Chief Brady with his new Past Chief Badge, his Chief’s speaking trumpet, and his shadow box with his white coat.  Chief Brady served the Department as Fire Chief for 7 years and accomplished so much during his time.  We can’t thank him enough for what he did for our Department and we look forward to seeing him in his Black Helmet on the fire ground.

Chief Brady being presented with his speaking trumpet as a Past Chief

Thank you to Rita B’s Catering for serving a delish meal as usual and to the Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department and Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department who covered the Engine and Rescue Squad so our members could have a night off.
We would like to thank the community who continues to support our Department through our numerous fundraiser events.  Because of you, we are able to provide the very best service to all of the citizens of St. Mary’s County.  Thank you all for another successful year at Hollywood VFD.

Top 10 Responders for 2021
George Thompson excepting the President’s Award
The gang letting loose and having a little fun

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