photo credit: Calvert County American Little League

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – At some point in their young lives, most people have ended up playing a little league sport such as Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, or others.

They are activities that help motivate young ones, forging in them a competitive spirit to better themselves and possibly continue their sport into college, it also keeps them active and healthy by getting them up and moving on the field or court.

Another aspect of little league sports that appeals to our youth is that it can give them another role model in their lives, a person who pushes them to become better and help them to become stronger and smarter than they were before. That person would be their team coach.

Little league coaches work hard to help ensure that kids not only learn and grow through the sport, but also have fun and enjoy themselves at the same time. This in turn makes them into model members of our community because of the respect they earn by doing so.

An excellent example of everything a little league coach should be is Nate Clever, coach for The Marlins Baseball Team in the Calvert American Little League.

The parents involved with Calvert American Little League speak extremely highly of Mr. Clever. One of these parents, Joseph Oliver, had this to say about him:

“He is one of the most amazing, positive, and influential coaches I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is very animated when his team does well, he also compliments the opposing team.”

One can easily understand what Mr. Oliver is talking about upon seeing Coach Clever at one of his games. He is extremely helpful to these kids, helping them to improve and hone their skills at the game. He encourages them to do better and has an overwhelmingly optimistic attitude.

When asked about what it all means to him, Coach Clever replied, “it doesn’t have a lot to do with the sport in particular, I come out here for these kids and to help them learn the fundamentals of the game of baseball and have fun in the process.”

photo credit: Calvert County American Little League

“It’s freedom, you come out here with all of these kids and it reminds some of us of ourselves and what we all wish we could do, I just really love seeing them enjoy themselves and I love supporting them along the way.”

Coaches like Mr. Clever are what makes little league sports so special for children. He is making a positive impact on their lives and that alone makes him a model citizen of our Southern Maryland Community.

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