Having a good, appropriate coffee grinder is of utmost importance when it comes to coffee-making. On comparing a coffee maker and a coffee grinder, having in possession a coffee grinder is much more advantageous. A great coffee grinder not only enhances the flavor of your coffee but also will allow you to brew your coffee in the desired way.

Broadly classifying, coffee grinders can be classified as blade and burr grinders.

Blade Grinders

Inexpensive, blade grinders are avoided by many as they lead to the production of inconsistent size particles. No possibility is there to get a coarse grind because instead, the blade grinder produces powdered coffee. Considering the speed at which the blades of the grinder rotate, there are high chances of the coffee getting burnt and the taste getting spoiled. Blade grinders should be used when the amount of coffee required to be ground is large because, for a small amount, you will have to shake the grinder while the process is being done. So that requires extra effort, with still no guarantee of perfect taste.

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders are the old school, traditional coffee grinders which are a little more expensive than the blade grinders available in the market. There has not been a much significant change in the design and the adopted methodology of using burr grinders. With almost no chance of the coffee getting burnt, such grinders are slow, for example, some burr grinders require one minute in grinding one cup of coffee. Nowadays burr grinders with electric motors are available which reduce the effort and make the process a bit faster.

Here, you’ll come across different parameters on which you judge and decide the type of coffee grinder you wish to choose for home-use.

Manual v/s Electric

In the case of a perfect coffee experience of freshly chosen coffee beans, a manual grinder is preferred. If you are not willing to spend some bucks and still get your work done, go for a manual grinder. There is absolutely no risk of the grinder breaking and also, is portable. On the other hand, an electric coffee grinder will require little investment of money (even more than just a little if you go for a costly brand), you won’t be able to carry it around. An electric grinder allows micro-adjustments for a coffee of your own choice. Another thing to be thought of is the noise which an electric grinder makes while the process is being done, which can be annoying at times.

Steel v/s Ceramic Burrs

For hard, durable grinders you should go for ceramic burrs. Also, in case a piece of rock gets mixed and comes with coffee beans in a steel grinder, there are chances of the grinder getting chipped and hence, the possibility of defect. Ceramic burrs are cheaper. A very notable feature of steel burrs is that grinding a coffee in such grinders produces a large amount of heat (because of the material of ceramic) and this heat changes the aroma, flavor, and taste of the coffee and so there is a likeness of the coffee getting destroyed. Ceramic grinders do not cause any change in the ground coffee taste and are inexpensive if affordability is the criteria.

Conical v/s Flat Burrs

Yes, the shape of the grinder also matters. Notable features of coffee grinded using a conical grinder are rich flavor and intense taste. While grinding, there is less amount of noise recorded, with less energy consumption. But the grinder in itself is a heavy equipment to carry around. The taste is intense but not balanced, that is, the possibility of perfect brewing is reduced on using a conical flavor. Talking of flat burrs, for users who prefer a strong, undiluted and bitter taste of coffee, this is the perfect class of grinders. The coffee obtained is generally used in espresso shots for instantaneous, strong taste. In flat burrs, the extraction percentage is high and the cons include high noise production and high energy dissipation.

Thus, the selection of a coffee grinder for home use completely depends on the utility and purpose. You, as a user, have to list down your requirements, not forgetting the budget, and choose the most appropriate coffee grinder which suits your need.