There are only a couple of weeks left before our November election.  I hope that all of us who have registered will vote early, or on the 4th.   It is our right and responsibility to do so.  There are many new citizens running for office, but there is one gentleman who has represented us all very well and should be re-elected to his office.   He’s Del. John Bohanan (D).

In the past years John has listened to his constituents, and has worked hard to help with the problems that impact their community.  His dedication to us and St. Mary’s County is  what makes him the obvious choice to remain in office.  He works well with the State Highway Administration, helping to move the plans along to finish the much needed road improvements to Point Lookout and road improvements to the Great Mills Corridor.  He works alongside local and state representatives, and our biggest employer, the Department of the Navy.  His time dedicated to the University of Maryland has brought the Drone Program to our county, by chairing the subcommittee that helped secure funds for the research park.

John learned his public service from his parents, working in their store that anchored the Park Hall community.  They were well respected amongst their neighbors.  They passed on to him the spirit of dedication to look after his county.  He and his wife Mary have taught the same to their sons.

Please join me  this election day  by voting for John to keep him where we need him, in Annapolis, to look out for our needs