BOWIE, Md. – On September 9th, Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) met with SemaConnect Chief Executive Officer Mahi Reddy, Chief Operating Officer Mark Pastrone, and other senior executives at SemaConnect to discuss the future of electric vehicle manufacturing and highlight House Democrats’ Make It In America Agenda.

SemaConnect, an electric vehicle charging station manufacturer in Bowie, Maryland, owned by Blink Charging Company, is a leader in ground-breaking work to supply electric vehicle amenities to consumers around the country.

The event spotlighted the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act which provides a $4,000 consumer tax credit for low and middle-income families to buy used electric vehicles, and up to $7,500 tax credit to buy new electric vehicles.

“I was thrilled to take part in today’s visit to SemaConnect and meet with the leadership of the company, who are doing innovative work in manufacturing electric vehicles in the Fifth District,” said Congressman Hoyer. 

“I was impressed by the work happening at SemaConnect to provide and pioneer electric vehicle charging stations for consumers across the United States. What is happening here reflects the greatness of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which made a $7.5 billion investment to help expand EV charging stations across America.”

“I was also pleased to discuss House Democrats’ Make It In America Agenda with folks at SemaConnect, specifically our commitment to promote modern energy infrastructure that incentivizes alternative forms of energy for vehicles and strengthens supply chain resilience.”

“Our Agenda supports good-paying jobs for Americans and focuses on ensuring our workers have the tools they need to compete in a global economy. I thank SemaConnect for meeting with me and I look forward to their future work delivering on EV infrastructure for our state and the country.”

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