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State Senator Jack Bailey[R], Natalie Weech[D], St. Mary’s County Commissioner President Randy Guy[R].

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Maryland State Board of Elections issued the
following statement today:

The St. Mary’s County Board of Elections has notified the State Administrator of Elections that Natalie Weech, currently running for President of the St. Mary’s County Commissioners, is not qualified to serve in that office.

The time to replace Ms. Weech on the ballot has passed according to § 5-1004(b)(2) of the Election Law Article.

Her name must therefore remain on the ballot by operation of law. St. Mary’s County residents will therefore see Ms. Weech’s name on the ballot this fall and may still vote for her.

Pursuant to § 5-1302(b) of the Election Law Article, if Ms. Weech receives the most votes in the election, the office of President of St. Mary’s County Commissioners will be considered vacant.

Once vacant, the office of President of the St. Mary’s County Commissioners will be filled by a Governor’s appointee in accordance with § 9-402 of the Local Government Article.

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  1. You have left out the most important pieces of this puzzle. What entity submits the name to the Governor and which Governor makes the appointment. The sitting Governor on the day of the election or the Governor elected in November (who is on the same ballot as the person ineligible). Get those answers and post that please

  2. And, I’d like to know what made her ineligible? Shouldn’t that have been determined prior to the primary? Why so late?

    1. There was an article in the County Times last week explaining her situation about her residency.

    2. Click the link for more info. Here’s what the reason is:
      “Weech posted on social media about a County Code she discovered that requires candidates for Commissioner President to be a resident of the county for a minimum of five years. Weech acknowledged that she has only been a county resident for three years, but said she was permitted to continue her campaign. Should I win, there is a possibility that a challenge could be made, she said in a statement. If a challenge is sustained, I will have to resign.”

    3. In order for a resident to be considered for any seat on the commissioner’s board in St. Mary’s County, that resident must be resident of 5 years in that county. This is what makes her ineligible, for she hasn’t been a resident for 5 years.

  3. Does the St Marys County Board of Elections check the candidates qualifications before allowing them to run?

    1. This is rolling around in my head as well. Anyone who runs for any public office anywhere in the country should be vetted. Criminal backgrounds, financial backgrounds, and the works. If this is not the case, then it damn well should be. Candidates should be investigated prior to being placed on a ballot. If I have to be investigated for the last ten years, which usually turns out to be the last twenty or thirty years for a security clearance, then candidates above all should be also. Just makes sense to have the best representation possible. Too much fraternization going on in the county.

  4. She should not have been allowed to run.
    It was also selfish of her to run when she knew there was a risk her seat could be left vacant.

    5 years to qualify is not enough time either. 15 years county residency should be required in order to run for that position.
    The people of St. Mary’s County deserve to be represented by someone who knows the county very, very well.

  5. Total BS. Because the State does NOT do it’s job properly, then the State gets to select the Commissioner – screw the people. Why is it so hard to understand that if one of the candidates is ineligible – then the “eligible” candidate wins.

  6. She’s a resident of the county and that’s good enough for me. How many carpetbaggers who has come here over the years and has been elected and selected to positions that impacted our county. That residency requirement is a bunch of BS and should be removed from the books.

    1. Aren’t you disproving your own point? It would seem that a requirement of residency in years (5 in SMC), would have an affect on mitigating these “carpetbaggers”. I’m inclined to agree with Zander, commenting earlier, that it should be more than five years. Especially, for the office of commissioner president. Perhaps the candidate in question aligns politically with your views? If the requirement is “removed from the books”, won’t that make us more susceptible to carpetbagging?

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